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Department of Postgraduate Studies

1. History and development

Department of Postgraduate Training was set up in 2016 according to Decision 634/QĐ- ĐVTDT on 12th September, 2016 by President of Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism

2. Staffs

Department of Postgraduate Training includes 05 staffs

- Nguyen Thi Thuc, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D  – Head, Department of Postgraduate Training

   Mobile phone: (+84) 969443388  Email:

- Tran Tien, M.A – Vice Head, Department of Postgraduate Training

 Mobile phone: (+84) 948682015      Email:

3. Functions and tasks

* Functions

Department of Postgraduate Training is an administrative management unit, a training unit of TUCST. It has the function of managing and organizing graduate education level, researching and implementing scientific activities to serve teaching and training activities of highly qualified human resources for the North Central and the South of Red river.

* Tasks

Performing management in relation to graduate education level.

Coordinating with the training departments, lecturers and researchers in and outside TUCST to participate in graduate training.

Developing plans and managing graduate training and fostering process to improve qualifications for different subjects in accordance with the graduate training regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and TUCST.

Planning and organizing graduate entrance exams.

Supervising, inspecting, monitoring and supporting other Faculties to carry out the teaching activities of remaining basic and specialized knowledge modules.

Organizing the compilation of textbooks and learning materials for graduate education level.

Organizing and implementing joint training programs with domestic and foreign partners at graduate level.

Organizing scientific research for lecturers and students.

Implementing procedures for approving, recognizing graduation

Performing other tasks assigned by the President.

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