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Department of Facility Management

1. History and development

- In 1978: Department of Administration and Facility Management was set up

- In the period 2000 – 2003: Department of Facility Management and Students’ Affairs was established

- In the period 2004 – 2006: Department of Facility and Life Management

- Since 2007: Department of Facility Management has been officially named

2. Staffs

Department of Facility Management  inludes 24 staffs

+ Le Van Duong, M.A – Head, Department of Facility Management

Mobile phone: (+84) 98 679 2191                             Email:

+ Nguyen Nhu Hai, B.A – Vice Head, Department of Facility Management

Mobile phone: (+84) 912566422                    Email:

3. Functions and tasks

* Functions

- Manage all the university’s infrastructure including properties, technical facilities and public construction architecture.

- Make annual plans for upgrading and completing the university’s infrastructure such as basic construction, procurement of facilities, renovation of roads, interior furniture and equipment for classrooms, offices as well as assurance of water and electricity supply in the university.

- Make profiles of investment in basic construction, renovation of facilities and equipment then submit these profiles to the President for approval.

* Tasks

- Supervise the construction, renovation and installment of facilities & equipment.

- Provide instructions of technical use for staff members, teachers and students. Join with other units in relevant activities of using technical equipment.

- Regularly and periodically manage, operate, maintain, repair the system of facilities.

- Examine, supervise the practice of economy in using properties, water electricity in the university.

- Do service for teaching – learning activities according to time-tables and other work on plans which are approved by the Governing Board.

- Make plans to implement and examine regulations for fire prevention and flood control in the university..

- Examine, supervise and inspect sanitation work in the whole university.

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