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Department of International Cooperation

1. History and development

- In 2004: Department of Training – Scientific Research – International Cooperation was set up

- In 2008: Department of Scientific Research – International Cooperation was set up

- In 2013: Department of International Cooperation was set up.

- In 2015: Department of International Cooperation and Department of Scientific Research were merged into Department of Scientific Research – International Cooperation

- In 2017: Department of International Cooperation was set up

2. Staffs

Department of International Cooperation includes 05 staffs

+ Nguyen Thi Hong Le, Ph.D – Head, Department of International Cooperation

Mobile phone: 098 7307 898         Email:

3. Functions and tasks

3.1. Functions

Department of International Cooperation provides consultancy for the President in planning, managing and organizing activities to sustain its relationship with international universities, research institutes, governmental and non-governmental organizations according to the State’s regulation.

3.2. Nhiệm vụ

Organizing and monitoring TUCST’s international cooperation activities within TUCST’s relationship with international universities, scientific and technical organizations, international organizations and scientists, etc. in order to encourage technical and financial support for TUCST.

Taking advantage of international cooperation to attract findings, scholarships from international organizations and education and research institutions for TUCST’s development and international integration through human resource training and scientific research.

Making strategic recommendations to the Presidents on international cooperation. Making immediate and long term cooperation plans to submit to the President for approval and implementing these plans to ensure optimal benefits to TUCST.

Under the President’s direction, contacting international partners and international organizations; coordinating TUCST’s technical units’ supports for the President during negotiation and agreement signing with its partners for mutual interest.

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