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Department of Personnel Organization

1. History and development

- In 2000: Department of Administration and Personnel Organization was set up

- Since 2011: Department of Personnel Organization has been officially named

2. Staffs

Department of Personnel Organization includes 05 staffs

+ Hoang Dinh Hien, Ph.D – Head,  Department of Personnel Organization

           Mobile phone: 0963070109                            Email:

+ Le Dinh Dung, M.A – Vice Head, Department of Personnel Organization

Mobile phone: 0982369399                         Email:

3. Functions and tasks

- Developing proposals on human resource development strategies.

- Managing and implementing policies on salary, payroll, allowances, health insurance and social insurance (retirement, death, illness, pregnancy) in accordance with State regulations.

- Managing and keeping records of officials, employees and staff according to the current regulations of the State and TUCST

- Implementing the staff performance management system according to regulations.

-Reviewing and assessing management positions each term; considering the appointment, re-appointment of management positions or staff as required.

-Performing other tasks assigned by the President.

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