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     In the morning of June 25, 2020, at the 5th floor hall of building B, TUCST held the review conference of students’ scientific research activities in the 2020-2021 academic year.  This is an annual event held by TUCST to encourage students' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity in learning, and at the same time help students get knowledge and new scientific research methods to apply in real life.        

     Firstly, Dr. Ha Dinh Hung presented a summary report  of students’ scientific research activities in the 2020-2021 academic year and proposed students’ scientific research activities in the next academic year. He affirmed the importance of scientific research tasks for students and appreciated the enthusiastic spirit of scientific research of TUCST students.   In the academic year 2020 - 2021, TUCST has 18 scientific research projects of 39 students participating. Compared to last year, the number of topics and students participating in research did not increase, but there were more collective works that proved the cooperation and teamwork of students in learning and research. Science has made positive changes. Especially, there is research cooperation between students from Vietnam and Laos. Most of the students' tiltles focus on specialized and practical knowledge. Dr. Ha Dinh Hung has suggested a research direction suitable for students, that is: "You must know how to combine the internship process with the implementation of scientific research tasks because the research goals often have to ensure the applicability of the students. use and must be closely associated with the survey of information. If you do this well, you can make the right scientific conclusions." Concluding the speech, Mr. Ha Dinh Hung hoped that the scientific research activities of students would continue to be further developed in the coming years.


 Lữ Thanh Tùng – a student of Cultural Management share his experience of scientific research

     Mr. Le Xuan Son - Head of Students and Political Affairs Department announced the decision to reward students/groups of students who have achieved achievements in student-level scientific research activities in the 2020-2021 academic year with 03 first prizes, 03 second prizes, 03 third prizes and 05 consolation prizes. The achieved results reflect the efforts of teachers and students of Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism in improving the quality of training and scientific research, creating internal strength to achieve self-reliance. master in education and regional education integration.

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