Faculty of Sports

1. History and development

- Faculty of Sports was formerly Faculty of Sports and Pedagogy (2013)

- Faculty of Sports was established in September, 2015

2. Lecturers and staffs

Faculty of Sports incudes 10 lecturers and staffs

- Trinh Ngoc Trung, Ph.D -  Dean, Faculty of Sports

Mobile phone: (+84) 963.125.348      Email: trungdhvhtt@gmail.com

- To Thi Huong, M.A - Vice Dean, Faculty of Sports

                                       Head, Division of Sports Management

Mobile phone: (+84) 978.676.759     Email: Huongaerobic@gmail.com

-  Pham Thi Hai Yen, M.A - Vice Dean, Faculty of Sports

Mobile phone: 0976695786          Email: Haiyen.caohoc15@gmail.com

3. Training programs

- The training program of Sports Management: Full time, transferred degree, part time

- Lecturers in Faculty of Sports take in charge of modules of Physical Education in TUSCT.

Email: dhvhttdlth@gmail.com - Website: http://wwww.dvtdt.edu.vn