Faculty of Preschool Education

1. History and development

- From 2015 - 2017: Faculty of Preschool and Art Education was set up.

- In 2017: Faculty of Preschool Education was established.

2. Staff

- Faculty of Preschool Education  includes 46 staffs.  

- La Thi Tuyen, Ph.D – Dean, Faculty of Preschool Education 

Mobile phone: 0919.604.898          Email: latuyenvhnt@gmail.com 

- Nguyen Thi Thai, Ph.D – Vice Dean, Faculty of Preschool Education 

Mobile phone:       0918.425.678      Email: nguyenthithai366@gmail.com

- Nguyen Thi Hong, Ph.D – Head, Division of Preschool Education

Mobile phone: 0913.091.136         Email: nguyenhongsp123@gmail.com

3. Tranining programs

- The training program of Preschool Education: Full time, transferred degree, part time


Email: dhvhttdlth@gmail.com - Website: http://wwww.dvtdt.edu.vn