Center of Library - Information

1. History and development

- In 2000: The storage of textbooks belonging to Department of Training Management was set up

- In 2004: Centre of Library and Teaching Materials was set up

- In 2011: Centre of Information and Library has been officially named

2. Staffs

Centre of Information and Library includes 08 staffs

-Trinh Tat Dat, M.A – Head, Centre of Information and Library

Mobile phone: (+84) 915626312    Email:

-Nguyen Thi Nhung, M.A – Vice Head, Centre of Information and Library

Mobile phone: (+84) 984568895    Email:

3. Functions and tasks

- Formulate policies and directions for the development of libraries in line with the university’s development strategies in each period

- Develop service policies, rules, guidelines, and organize training classes on using library facilities and materials for users

- Be in charge of organizing and developing the library’s materials: develop plans and coordinate with other departments to collect, publish and purchase materials (textbooks, lectures, reference materials, electronic databases, etc.) to serve the training programs of the university.

- Receive and archive theses, dissertations, scientific papers, research reports, proceedings of seminars and conferences defended and approved at the university, or our teaching staff’s scientific projects defended or presented at other educational and research institutions nationwide and worldwide.

- Collect, edit, and preserve documents and artifacts related to the process of construction and development of the university, organize the tradition room, preserve, display, and introduce materials when necessary.

- Ensure the provision of library services which are diverse, modern, and suitable for the users’ demands, effectively serving the learning, teaching and research activities in this academic environment.

- Develop, coordinate, and evaluate the functions and activities of the library to optimize its operations

- Research and apply advanced standards and technologies to the library activities

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