Center of Joint and Continuing Education

1. History and development

-  In 2011: Center of Joint and Transfered Training was set up

-  Since 2015: Center of Joint and continuing education has been officially named

2. Staffs

Center of Joint and Continuing education includes 06 staffs

+ Nguyen Dinh Thao, M.A – Head, Center of Joint and Continuing education

Mobile phone: 0942238999 

+ Le Ba Thanh, M.A- Vice Head, Center of Joint and Continuing education

Mobile phone: 0969325979             Email:

 3. Functions and tasks

  * Functions

Support and serve for learning and teaching activities, academic training as well as educational services in joint and continuing education system.

Provide multiple opportunities for working adults to pursue for higher education degrees.

 * Tasks

Organize joint and continuing education activities, to make learning schedules and distribute teachers; to prepare final exams and manage learning results of students and cooperate with others units in TUCST and branches in provinces to develop joint and continuing education .


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