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Department of Planning and Finance

1. History and development:

- In 1968: A unit of financial affairs belonging to the School of Culture and Arts was set up

- In 2004: Department of Planning and Finance has been officially named since 2004

2. Staffs:

Department of Planning and Finance 07 staffs

- Hoang Ba Khai, M.A Head, Department of Planning and Finance 

Mobile phone: 0983.759.332    

- Nguyen Thi Minh Hien, M.A – Vice Head, Department of Planning and Finance 

Mobile phone: 0987.934.339              Email:

- Le Dinh Ruc, M.A       - Vice Head, Department of Planning and Finance 

Mobile phone: 0985.898.412  Email:

3. Functions and tasks

- Liaise with other units to design and promulgate plans to realize the objectives and targets of the University in each academic year and for long term development strategy. The planning system reveals the key mission, concrete objectives and targets in association with the output product which is suitable for the annual and periodical estimated budget.

- Liaise with other units to make plans for annual estimated State budget, design methods to allocate the estimated budget for the University’s activities, inform in public the estimated budget that has been approved, deploy and supervise the implementation of the allocated estimated budget.

- Liaise with other units to design projects, investment plans for development of the assigned activities.

- Provide consultancy on financial issues for programs, training contracts and projects

- Design relevant documents on finance, accounting and assets of the University. Design methods of paying salary, getting extra income for the University’s staff.

- Fully and in time complete summary reports to the upper level financial agency. Provide information and accounting data in accordance with the law.

- Instruct and coordinate with other units in the University and relevant agencies to supervise the proper implementation of the internal expenditure regulations and the policies of the social welfare, medical insurance, accident insurance for the University’s staff and students, including the policies of tuition and scholarship for the latter.

- Liaise with other units to instruct, supervise them to implement relevant standards of quality control.

- Implement other duties assigned by the President.




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