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Department of Training Management

1. History and development

- In 1970: Department of Educational Affairs belonging to the School of Culture and Arts was set up

- In the period 1978-2004: Department of Academic Affairs belonging to Thanh Hoa College of Culture and Arts was set up

- In 2004: Department of Academic Affairs was changed into Department of Training Management – Scientific Research – International Cooperation was set up

- In March, 2008: Department of Training Management – Scientific Research – International Cooperation was divided into two departments: Department of Training Management and Department of Training Management – International Cooperation.

- Since 2008: Department of Training Management has been officially named

2. Staffs:

Department of Training Management includes 05 staffs

  • Nguyen Van Dung, Ph.D – Head, Department of Training Management

Mobile phone: 0984.781.289    

3. Functions and tasks

3.1. Functions

- Provide the President with consultancy of curriculum design and training activities for full – time undergraduate at TUCST.

- Provide consultancy, research, design of training strategies; suggest and organize training sections in suitable modes for full – time undergraduate

3.2. Tasks

- Construct long term and annual teaching plans; construct time tables of using teaching halls, equipment; organize and implement training management at the above mentioned levels; supervise the implementation of the plans assigned by President or higher positions in accordance with regulations of Ministry of Education & Training; organize final examinations of subjects conducted at TUCST.

Manage students’ academic results; supply data to consider granting scholarships; Manage, supervise and evaluate training quality through the implementation of regulations, teaching plans, time tables of all training units and staff members based on the assigned curriculum.

- Implement procedures to consider and award BA degrees to graduate students of full time programs

- Implement other tasks assigned by the President.

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