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Department of Administrative Affairs

1. History and development

- In 1970: Department of Administration was set up

- In the period 1978 – 1999: Department of Administration was changed into Department of Administration and Facility Management

- In the period 2000 – 2011: Department of Administration and Personnel Organization was set up

- In July, 2011: Department of Administrative Affairs was set up

2. Staffs

Department of Administrative Affairs includes 09 staffs.

- Doan Tien Dung, M.A – Head, Department of Administrative Affairs

Mobile phone: 088 8856 777                                     Mail:

3. Functions and tasks

 * Functions

Guiding and organizing, checking and supervising the implementation of regulations on administrative management, clerical and archival work according to the regulations of the State and the University. Implementing formal and technical appraisals of the University’s documents before submitting to the President for signing.

* Tasks

Managing and organizing the reception, handling and sending of dispatches and documents. Organizing the management and storing confidential documents in accordance with the regulations of the State and TUCST.

Planning programs and working schedules of the Governing Board; coordinating with departments to prepare contents, draft notices and conclusions of meetings chaired by the Governing Board.

Organizing meetings and conferences on response to requests of the Governing Board.

Coordinating with other departments to organize events.

Performing other tasks assigned by the President.

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